Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wearable Human Generated Power by Captain Electric

On and off the runway, fashion that rivets our imagination is often lyrical, transformative and even subversive. Fashion, of course, is sensitive to the cultural mood of its time. With "renewable energy" being the current muse in politics, the Captian Electric collection of three electronic garments "Itchy, Sticky and Stiff" that harness energy from the body certainly captures the current zeit gesit

Monday, November 9, 2009

Lets Play Catch Up....

The past few weeks have been beyond amazing...but it is no reason to neglect my blog =( Rather than discontinue it (like alot of celebs do once they are "in") I will say sorry & try to be more consistint. My view on Red Lace is its my journey through each step to the top, Fashion, Technology, and anything that tickles my fancy. I do not promise to give you the latest breaking news...or to cover all of it for that matter. Red Lace is about the things I like..."A portal to see through my eyes". I must warn you im very staccato in my taste, I have been across the board, I have seen and experienced alot of different worlds, and ive scanned through it all... Thx for your patience! xoxo Brawdway


The Socialites hit NYC on business a few weeks ago. Jet Phynx recorded a new record and we got to test it out at Greenhouse, where the crowd loved it. NY was very hospitable, and i look forward to our next trip.


While on the East coast we attended Philly Fashion Week...If you compared NY to Philly of course it DISINTEGRATES it, but in a fair judgement...for their first go round it was a good start & Jet Phynx & I were happy to be a part of it, we just wish Rockstar was there!


Jet Phynx & I recorded a new song "Dark Light" which we just finished shooting a video for, the inspiration was when Socialite meets Vampire, the dark side of a socialite, leading me to "The Dark Socialite" Jet Phynx's FREE DOWNLOAD EP, "Dark Light" is up now for FREE DOWNLOAD, get it now, the video will be finished soon!We are constantly filming and updating Jet O' Vision

xoxo Brawdway

Monday, October 26, 2009

Jet Phynx & Brawdway release new song "Dark Light"

This friday at midnight, Jet Phynx & Brawdway will be releasing "Dark Light", Check for an exclusive sneak peak this week

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Jet Phynx appears on the Tim Quall Show

Yesterday the Gallery of Phynx piled into the Tim Quall Show studio to watch the taping of super artist Jet Phynx, airing this Sunday (July 26th, 2009) at 11pm on Channel 28. We laughed, we ate cake, Jet signed a wall, & we discussed my pants, overall a lovely day and one step closer! I have to shout out the amazing Tim Quall Show Crew along with the man behind all of these iconic photos, Mr. Wright. Gallery of Phynx is blessed to have this man in the potion!

Mr.Wright's Blog

Jet Phynx Blog

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Friday, June 26, 2009

Turning the world into a Video Game

The future is finally here! No it isn't in the form of jetpacks and track suits. It's a car without a steering wheel. Sound crazy? That's because it is. Can't wait to see how many people wreck these things. My friends would go ape shit for this car. CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Po.. Po... Po... Poserface... Meet Dale Bozzio

(From Lady Starlights Blog)

"Ok so this isnt rock n roll, but i was compelled to write about Dale Bozzio of Missing Persons upon realizing that there are people out there who dont know who she is!!!!

She not only inspired Lady GaGa (which I must shamelessly admit, was a result of my insistence that she do so..), but also was clearly the inspiration behind Jem and the Holograms.

And she was my first girl crush….

She wore electrical appliances, bubble wrap and gardening equipment to name a few.

A former playboy bunny, she worked with Frank Zappa and formed new wave band Missing Persons in 1980 with husband and Zappa drummer Terry Bozzio. (in my research I learned that she was actually sentence to jail this past wed…but that a proverbial other show).

Please google her for more, there isnt enough space on my entire blog for all the amazing looks she served!"



"Gaga is a great writer with a beautiful voice... had Lady Starlight not directed Stephani to become Dale Bozzio, she would have just been picked over for another pop star with a pretty voice. I am a huge Gaga fan, and the entire music industry is just a carbon copy, so I am not surprised, I commend her more on her voice & natural talent."

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Help Jet Phynx Rock the Space!

Grab the widget (on the sidebar) & post it to all of your social networking sites! This will help place Jet into the top 5 Finalists, after July 1st, you are able to vote for Notty Party once a day, please vote everyday! Every vote counts!

Monday, June 8, 2009

GO Green! Eliminate Business Cards, Buy a Ring!

These rings add a gripping new meaning to “shake on it”.
Each “smart” ring stores your details, transferred there via a digital business card the size of a credit card. To pass along your details to a new business associate, simply shake hands, instead of handing over a traditional business card. It also displays a contact list of all the people you’ve exchanged information with – personal info, contact numbers, and for those with short memories, the date you met. All information is customizable, and transferable to anyone wearing another “smart” ring.
To view the information, sync the ring back to the digital business card. No batteries required either; the rings are juiced up by body heat. The entire business world will have to get one of these for the trend to take off in a big way, but even from where I’m sitting, the possibilities are mind-blowing.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Light Up The Queen Foundation

This Saturday I will be participating in a photoshoot at The Queen Theater to raise money & awareness for the Light Up The Queen Foundation. What is the Light Up The Queen Foundation you ask?

The Light Up The Queen Foundation, a Delaware non-profit corporation, is dedicated to the revival of the Queen Theater in Wilmington, Delaware, and to assuring that The Queen becomes a catalyst for building community by engaging diverse populations through high quality programs in music, education, workforce development and mentoring.

Check it out at

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Can You Spot the Differences in Katy Perry's Albums???

Normal Album
Saudi Arabia Album

Katy Perry is covering up, whether she wants to or not!
An American blogger currently living in Saudi Arabia decided to buy Mz. Perry's album as a present for her son and discovered a slight change in the album's artwork!
The One Of The Boys artwork had been tagged with Sharpie to cover up Katy's exposed legs and chest, outfitting the singer in leggings and long sleeves!

WTF is going on here???

Says the blogger:
So what it all boils down to is that the Saudi government is actually paying religious police members of the Committee for the Protection of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (CVPVP) to remove the plastic wrap from these CDs, open up the CD cases, remove the front and back inserts, and carefully and painstakingly color in with a marker any photos baring exposed female flesh that is deemed objectionable.

What do U think of the censorship???

Did they censor the lyrics to I Kissed A Girl too??

And, what does Katy think about this????

Monday, April 20, 2009

Ballet infused with Hustler

The ad makes me want someone (Dior or Balenciaga or even Vivienne Westwood)
to design a ballet shoe stiletto. Like a pink satin ballet slipper with a stiletto heel.
slapping-on a kitten heel...someone really needs to come along and make
a stiletto-ballet-slipper-hybrid.
Oh wait, nevermind. Dior (sort of) already did it, but chose clunky platforms instead.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Kanye West & Lady Gaga

I Predict Kanye West & Lady Gaga....
Are going to team up for a record together, it just seems right. Give it a few months, and mark my words, there will be a collab between the Ms.Gaga & the Pop King.


Case of the Britney? or Case of the Rose?
Cassie is beautiful enough to pull off about anything that would turn an average woman into a trainwreck. But this new do' makes me question if this is
A. a cool punk-rock phase
B. a Brit-Brit moment
C. An imitation of Kanye West new g/f Amber Rose

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Taking Cancer to a more Profitable Level

Not only does this mean people will be smoking alot more cigarettes now, but it also means someone has found a way to make even MORE profit off the ridiculous over-priced addiction that is killing millions each year! Spring is here so these gloves wont be in season for a while, but it never hurts to kick an unhealthy habit, so you can wear more fashionable and healthy gloves when it gets cold.

When A Jet-Pack & Bicycle Re-Produce in 2020

It will look similar to this!

Just a model, the concept of a flying bicycle is pretty dope. Although it takes all of the work, out of the old fashioned way we used to peddle, imagine getting flying bicycles for your birthday! Start preserving your old bikes, they will soon be collectors items.


We all know the MJ song and zombie clad video, but you may not have known that every year, over 200 thousand people are dancing the Thriller Choreography Routine in attempts to break the World Record for most “Largest Simultaneous Thriller Dance”. Fortunatley, I have discovered this early enough to throw a charity event in my hometown while helping break the world record for 2009. I will post more information on this event in the next few months. Dust off your white glove!

Monday, April 6, 2009

While were on the topic of Kanye West....

Have you seen his new sneaker collection?

There are three models in Kanye West's Men's Sneaker Collection, they're the Don's (presumably named after Kanye West himself, or after his manager Don C), Jasper's (named after Kanye's barber), and Mr. Hudson’s (named after the GOOD Music artist and 808 collaborator of the same name).

A Match Made in Fashion Heaven

Amber Rose, a model and rumored close friend of Rihanna, is dating Kanye West.
The pair were spotted together during New York Fashion Week earlier this week, as a source told The New York Daily News:
“She’s going to be good for him. Amber is a model with a fly, out-there, in-your-face style and attitude, just like Kanye. She’s his match.”

Friday, April 3, 2009

Model Mayhem is a cool ass site!

In my quest to take over the internet i ran across a really cool and useful site (for creative people). Wheater you like to be in front of the camera or behind it this is a great community to be a part of. There is occasional spam and pervs but as long as you watch out for that and use common sense youll be fine. Check out my Model Mayhem page!

New Member added to the MAC Club

Believe it or not I just purchased my first MAC yesterday!
Less than 24 hours in and I am in love with it! A little bit more tricky than your ice age PC, but you get used to it after a few go-rounds on it. Big thanks to Mr.Wright & Jet Phynx for helping me find this great laptop!

Jet Phynx shoots a video for Notty Party

You may have seen some photos, but this behind the scenes footage captured by Mr.Wright for COL is the ultimate teaser! Jet Phynx does his thing on his first single off of upcoming album "The Socialite". Strap on your space helmets, the Jet is ready for take off!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


COL INC. is a company designed to overthrow the masses by using our influence in film. Our Slogan is simple, "CULTURE & LIFE." At COL INC. we want to focus on the ones that are trying to pay their rent with their passions. Think of us as a support group for the independent and underground culture of film. We're trying to put the spotlight where we think it really belongs, because it is much more than flashy pics and concepts, It is a way of living. COL INC.

Behind the Scenes of Notty Party Video Shoot

"If you like to party like where im from"

"Its a different kind of party where im from"

We Party!

This was my first video and i couldnt have asked for a better team to show me the ins and outs of the music video world. The director, Ross Hockrow (Detox 2009) was very diligient and we ended the day with alot of crazy footage! Mr.Wright and the Color of Life photography team was amazing to say the least, after the shoot we had a photoshoot with Mr.Wright and Brian Truono.It was a very positive day and the crew parted ways not as just a team, but also as a family. Big Shouts to Jet Phynx for making this entire ordeal happen. Rather than run a list id like to thank everyone who was a part of this project, and I cant wait to watch the final result! Go check out Mr.Wrights protege Jordan who was shooting alot of behind the scenes photos and jumped in last minute with his ridiculous break dancing skills
We Get Naughty on the dance floor!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Food for Thought

Most people give up just when they're about to achieve success. They quit on the one yard line. They give up at the last minute of the game one foot from a winning touchdown! Imagine you are running a race blindfolded, you just have to keep running straight, and at some point you will reach the finish line. One person ran and ran, and when they finally took the blindfold off, they had passed the finish line, by a few miles. The other person stopped running the race three inches from the finish line. Sometimes even if you cant exactly see the finish line, you must keep running. Always keep a vivid picture of your ultimate goal in your mind, but never stop running!

Madonnas 42 Page Spread!

Madonna sexed things up in a new steamy photoshoot in sultry Rio de Janeiro for a 42 page spread with W Magazine. The main man along with her is Brazilian model Jesus Lu, 22. He is Madonna’s latest rumored man.The two met at the shoot and are reportedly still going…. I love how nearly half the spread was in black and white. Sometimes we forget the beauty in
keeping things simple.