Sunday, June 28, 2009

Friday, June 26, 2009

Turning the world into a Video Game

The future is finally here! No it isn't in the form of jetpacks and track suits. It's a car without a steering wheel. Sound crazy? That's because it is. Can't wait to see how many people wreck these things. My friends would go ape shit for this car. CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Po.. Po... Po... Poserface... Meet Dale Bozzio

(From Lady Starlights Blog)

"Ok so this isnt rock n roll, but i was compelled to write about Dale Bozzio of Missing Persons upon realizing that there are people out there who dont know who she is!!!!

She not only inspired Lady GaGa (which I must shamelessly admit, was a result of my insistence that she do so..), but also was clearly the inspiration behind Jem and the Holograms.

And she was my first girl crush….

She wore electrical appliances, bubble wrap and gardening equipment to name a few.

A former playboy bunny, she worked with Frank Zappa and formed new wave band Missing Persons in 1980 with husband and Zappa drummer Terry Bozzio. (in my research I learned that she was actually sentence to jail this past wed…but that a proverbial other show).

Please google her for more, there isnt enough space on my entire blog for all the amazing looks she served!"



"Gaga is a great writer with a beautiful voice... had Lady Starlight not directed Stephani to become Dale Bozzio, she would have just been picked over for another pop star with a pretty voice. I am a huge Gaga fan, and the entire music industry is just a carbon copy, so I am not surprised, I commend her more on her voice & natural talent."

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Help Jet Phynx Rock the Space!

Grab the widget (on the sidebar) & post it to all of your social networking sites! This will help place Jet into the top 5 Finalists, after July 1st, you are able to vote for Notty Party once a day, please vote everyday! Every vote counts!

Monday, June 8, 2009

GO Green! Eliminate Business Cards, Buy a Ring!

These rings add a gripping new meaning to “shake on it”.
Each “smart” ring stores your details, transferred there via a digital business card the size of a credit card. To pass along your details to a new business associate, simply shake hands, instead of handing over a traditional business card. It also displays a contact list of all the people you’ve exchanged information with – personal info, contact numbers, and for those with short memories, the date you met. All information is customizable, and transferable to anyone wearing another “smart” ring.
To view the information, sync the ring back to the digital business card. No batteries required either; the rings are juiced up by body heat. The entire business world will have to get one of these for the trend to take off in a big way, but even from where I’m sitting, the possibilities are mind-blowing.