Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wearable Human Generated Power by Captain Electric

On and off the runway, fashion that rivets our imagination is often lyrical, transformative and even subversive. Fashion, of course, is sensitive to the cultural mood of its time. With "renewable energy" being the current muse in politics, the Captian Electric collection of three electronic garments "Itchy, Sticky and Stiff" that harness energy from the body certainly captures the current zeit gesit

Monday, November 9, 2009

Lets Play Catch Up....

The past few weeks have been beyond amazing...but it is no reason to neglect my blog =( Rather than discontinue it (like alot of celebs do once they are "in") I will say sorry & try to be more consistint. My view on Red Lace is its my journey through each step to the top, Fashion, Technology, and anything that tickles my fancy. I do not promise to give you the latest breaking news...or to cover all of it for that matter. Red Lace is about the things I like..."A portal to see through my eyes". I must warn you im very staccato in my taste, I have been across the board, I have seen and experienced alot of different worlds, and ive scanned through it all... Thx for your patience! xoxo Brawdway


The Socialites hit NYC on business a few weeks ago. Jet Phynx recorded a new record and we got to test it out at Greenhouse, where the crowd loved it. NY was very hospitable, and i look forward to our next trip.


While on the East coast we attended Philly Fashion Week...If you compared NY to Philly of course it DISINTEGRATES it, but in a fair judgement...for their first go round it was a good start & Jet Phynx & I were happy to be a part of it, we just wish Rockstar was there!


Jet Phynx & I recorded a new song "Dark Light" which we just finished shooting a video for, the inspiration was when Socialite meets Vampire, the dark side of a socialite, leading me to "The Dark Socialite" Jet Phynx's FREE DOWNLOAD EP, "Dark Light" is up now for FREE DOWNLOAD, get it now, the video will be finished soon!We are constantly filming and updating Jet O' Vision

xoxo Brawdway